Country Crossing spokesman calls for Riley investigation

Country Crossing sign - Photo by Marc Parker
Country Crossing sign - Photo by Marc Parker

Dothan, AL – On Thursday, Jay Walker, spokesman for the Country Crossing entertainment complex near Dothan, Alabama, issued a statement concerning delaying the House vote on a controversial bingo bill now dubbed “Simple Bingo Act.”

Last week, the bill that would allow voters to decide on whether to legalize electronic bingo, was delayed in the Alabama House committee after passing the Senate by a vote of 21-13.

“We are happy to have the additional time to explain our position on the Simple Bingo Act. However, Governor Riley would have you believe it is so ‘casino bosses’ can do more ‘arm twisting’ of the Representatives,” he said.

“This industry has not done any arm twisting, the people of Alabama have. It is pretty hard to refute the fact that over 75% of Alabamians want the opportunity to vote on this issue,” continued Walker.

Walker went on to suggest that Governor Bob Riley has been strong-arming Representatives in order to gain “no” votes on the bingo legislation.

“What the delay has really done is give Governor Riley more time to extort and bribe ‘no’ votes from Representatives. I wonder how many roads, bridges, or other pork money that Alabama doesn’t have, will be offered or threatened in order to get a ‘no’ vote from a Representative on allowing the people to vote,” said Walker.

“I would ask that an investigation be launched on Governor Riley and any legislator that was offered a taxpayer funded bribe or threat from the Governor in exchange for a ‘no’ vote on this bill. He’s had to revert to these tactics because it is pretty difficult to justify a reason he doesn’t want people to vote,” he said.

“We’re glad to have the extra time before the vote on the Simple Bingo Act so Alabamians will have more time to find out just how hypocritical and corrupt their Governor really is,” added Walker.

Rep, Marcel Black, D-Tuscumbia, asked the committee to delay the vote because changes to the bill are being considered.

Those changes could include putting a limit on the possible number of casino sites in the state and writing in changes to the makeup of a proposed gaming commission.

Article by Melissa Parker

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2 thoughts on “Country Crossing spokesman calls for Riley investigation”

  1. Talk about hypocrites, Jay “spout-off” Walker is the biggest liar and hypocrite on behalf of Ronnie “EGO THUG” Gilley. They have lied and tried to misdirect the public from the dirty gambling truth and bosses for two years. I’m getting fed up with country crossing and all the other gambling bosses in this state belittling anyone that doesn’t agree with the corruption they bring by buying off legislators. Country Crossing backers spent approximately half a million dollars on Senator Harri Anne Smith, she doesn’t come cheap. Get this stuff out of our state!

    1. Get a life, I have served my country, I have put 2 children through college. If I want to go & take in a show eat alittle dinner enjoy my wife’s company. Take a few dollars out of my own pocket that I worked hard for an enjoy my evening. Who are you to try & tell me that’s wrong. My father-in-law is a Rev. & he agree’s with me 100%. So like I said, Get out of my life & find you a life instead of trying to controll someone else’s. (: (: (:


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