Cemetery needs historical marker

Rocky Mount Cemetery in Prattville - Photo by Melissa Parker
Rocky Mount Cemetery in Prattville - Photo by Melissa Parker

Prattville – Ginger Jones, a Prattville resident and historian, registered Rocky Mount Cemetery as one of Alabama’s Historical Cemeteries with the Alabama Historical Commission. Since part of Rocky Mount Road was changed to Bass Pro Boulevard, she is spearheading an effort to get an historical marker placed at the site.

Some of Ginger’s ancestors, the Cobbs, are buried in this quaint cemetery which is located on the right side of the road if you’re heading toward Old Farm Lane.

Calvin Cobb was the first of his family to locate in this area and Cobb’s Ford Road is named after him. Cobb’s Ford was part of Autauga County until 1866 when that part was incorporated into a newly formed Elmore County.

Calvin was born in 1816 in Caswell County, North Carolina, and he traveled to Elmore County as a young man in his 20s. He died in 1898 and is buried in the Rocky Mount Cemetery.

He and his wife, Elizabeth Caroline Burt, had eleven children and all were raised on the 80 acre farm called Cobb Plantation, located in a place called Edgewood in Elmore County. Edgewood is in the close proximity of where the cemetery is today.

Cattle were also raised on the plantation and cotton was grown as well as corn, wheat, and soybeans. The silo that held the feed for the livestock is still standing today. One of Calvin’s sons, John, married Sallie Sassanett Stamp, and they too carried on the tradition by raising their brood of ten on the Cobb Plantation.

Henry amassed about 2,400 acres of land in the 1930s and folks could spot him riding the range everyday on horseback to check on cows, horses, and mules grazing in his pastures. These are the same “pastures” that are the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, Prattville Town Center, and Bass Pro Shops of today.

Publisher’s Note: The historical markers on an average can cost up to $2,200.00 and donations are requested. Donations can be mailed to Rocky Mount Cemetery Funding, c/o Ginger Jones, 2578 Cobb’s Ford Road, Prattville, Alabama, 36066.

Article by Melissa Parker

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