City of Prattville discusses implementation of pay study

City officials discuss pay plan - Photo by Marc Parker
City officials discuss pay plan - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – A working meeting of the City Council members to discuss the proposed Pay Plan for the City of Prattville was held at 6:00 PM on June 29 at the Doster Center. Several city employees and a few concerned citizens were in attendance.

Mayor Jim Byard Jr. began the meeting and commented briefly on the pay study. “The city contracted with Auburn University to do a pay study. The main goal was to ensure that we are paying our employees comparable to other employees in the River Region.”

Mayor Byard also said that the current policy at the city was a two-step raise at the Department Head’s discretion and it is usually honored when requested.

Brent Maulden, Senior Consultant, Auburn University, cited two programs that were used for the study: Salary Assessor (which only looks at jobs in Alabama), and ONET (Occupational Network Online, which is a replacement for the Dictionary of Occupational Titles).

Maulden discussed the Paramedic’s pay scale, stating that it was recommended to give $3,600 to those who were certified and $400 more to those who ride in an ambulance all of the time.

In the survey for Public Works and General Government, it was shown that most employees needed a raise on the high end rather than the low end and it was recommended to extend to 20 steps with 2% increments. “The goal is for everyone to have no decrease in pay,” Maulden added.

When Council President Argo asked Maulden how he felt about the city’s overall pay system, Maulden said that he felt it was in great shape. The only difference he saw was in Public Safety positions, but those positions depended more on the growth of a city than anything else.

The approximate cost to implement the pay study is $83,000.00. There are five paydays in this fiscal year that will be affected and if the Council approves this Pay Plan, it will go into effect on July 12.

Miller was asked at the end of the meeting if he thought the pay plan would pass. “Yes, I think that it has support from all of us and it is the right thing to do for us to stay competitive with other cities. It also reinforces the fact that we value our employees and their valuable contributions to the city.”

Article by Melissa Parker

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