City of Prattville to file suit against Lexon Insurance Company

Councilman Mike Renegar introducing lawsuit resolution - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – The City Council voted unanimously tonight to authorize the City to file suit against Lexon Insurance Company for the completion of Eastwood Subdivision.

It was determined that the developer of Eastwood, located directly behind the Prattville Town Center, failed to finish the development in the allotted two-year time period; i.e., curbs, guttering, and streets in proper shape.

Lexon provided the bonds for the developer, Eastwood Developers LLC, who failed to complete the project.

Prattville City attorney David McDowell stated that he would rather the bonding company take care of the maintenance than leave the city with that responsibility.

“I’d rather that they make the repairs … or they can give us the money to do it,” he said. “I will be drafting the lawsuit within the next two weeks, the case will be heard in circuit court here and should be over with rather quickly.”

Article by Melissa Parker

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