Club BTS files lawsuit against the City of Prattville

Autauga County Courthouse - Photo by Marc Parker
Autauga County Courthouse - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – According to court documents obtained by Our Prattville, a lawsuit was filed against the City of Prattville by Club BTS, LLC, on September 2, in the Circuit Court of Autauga County, seeking to reverse the decision made by the City Council to deny its retail liquor license.

In the matter of Club BTS v. the City of Prattville, the defendants listed are Mayor Jim Byard Jr. and all of the members of the Prattville City Council.

On August 29, during a regular meeting, the Prattville City Council voted 2-5 to deny Club BTS a lounge liquor license.

Hiro Koda, owner of Club BTS, wished to bring a restaurant and entertainment complex to the city to be located on Cobbs Ford Road.

Our Prattville contacted Stephen Drinkard, attorney for Club BTS, who spoke with us briefly regarding the case.

“The very basic thing about the lawsuit is that it seeks redress for arbitrary and capricious conduct that is a gross abuse of discretion of the Council,” he said. “That’s what the allegations in the complaint say.”

City of Prattville attorney David McDowell could not be reached on Thursday afternoon for comment before press deadline.

Article by Melissa Parker

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11 thoughts on “Club BTS files lawsuit against the City of Prattville”

  1. Good for them! I wish them luck. I just read an article that said there is low occupancy in one of the city’s shopping centers but the council turns down a man who wants to bring a new business to town that would create jobs and tax revenue. Not real smart guys!

  2. Hiro Koda tried to do it the right way and was turned down by the city council because the church leaders (who drink behind closed doors) wanted to grandstand. Well, now your taxes will go for a lawsuit instead of schools, roads, or pay raises for city employees. For the next five or six Sundays, the offering plates should go into a defense fund to offset the priceof the lawsuit.

  3. The city council did the right thing by not allowing the den of sin to opperate in our great city. If this place gets a lounge permit it will open the door to other things. Strip clubs, all night clubs, and drugs, drugs drugs!!! I don’t want my city to be another Montgomery, or Detriot. The city council and the mayor will be replaced if they allow this to happen, I promise. God Bless Prattville.

    1. Hmmm. I never heard of Detriot. Den of sin?? Where in the business plan did it say that? I heard something about bringing Hollywood personalities to Prattville, entertaining customers with shows about what it takes to make a movie or television show (people working behind the scenes of the production) and a lot of fun for the people of Prattville. Yes, people can have fun without sinning.

    2. first off, the Bible does not say that drinking is a sin . it does say that getting drunk is the sin . so, before you quote, know it (:

  4. I’m just amazed at the hypocracy of it all meaning that it should never have been denied in the first place.

    I’m priviledged to have gotten to meet Hiro, gotten to understand his business plan, and was very much looking forward to working for him.

    I’m a Christian raised in church and raising my children in church. I can assure you that the God I know still loves me if I eat at Planet Hollywood or drink a beer or go to a rock concert. Den of sin? We are all sinners. We all fall short of the glory of God.

    As for the drugs, I take it you have no children or never go outside or to Walmart or eat anywhere outside your home? I hate to tell you this but the schools (even private) are full of drugs. There are people walking through Walmart high. You don’t know if the people at the next table at a restaurant are addicted to pain pills. Den of sin. That’s too funny. Just because people go out to eat at Bts and enjoy a beer or rum and coke and listen to a country or rock band doesn’t mean they are going to go have a 3some and smoke crack when they get done. I can assure you that Hiro doesn’t want his club infested with such. He is a husband, father, brother, uncle…

    The last time I checked the government didn’t have the right to govern morals. Our forefathers moved here to escape religious oppression, not to be controlled by religion.

    I thought this area in general was against socialism. Make up your mind, Prattville… You can’t want progress and then block a legit and legal business from coming here that would bring new money to the area and help create jobs.

  5. Well said Bronwynn! I too am a Christian and I am appalled at the hypocrisy of this. I cannot believe that people actually believe that by this business opening suddenly the city will be overtaken by sin, strip clubs and drugs. Get a grip people. This is just about adults going out and having a good time. Something that the constitution says I can do whether a certain group of people approve or not!

    1. Yes, they did, and it’s my understanding that Club BTS will be open for business in early October. See you all there.

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