Danger lurks at Cooters Pond Park

Scenic Prattville park in need of repair

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Part of the fence missing at Cooters Pond Park - Photo by Marc Parker

Part of the fence missing at Cooters Pond Park - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – Serious issues are cropping up at Cooters Pond Park in Prattville. While surveying the upper level area of the park on Friday, several items in the picnic areas were found to be in either deteriorating or downright dangerous condition.

Of the utmost concern is an area of fencing that separates the park from the river bluff. The fence section is completely missing in this case and one could easily fall.

A few yards down the way lays a toppled tree.

A trash can lays over to one side, unattached, with the mounting post still intact.

Picnic tables are rotting and have developed jagged edges in the seats. Grills are rusting and are about as uninviting as they could possibly be.

At the end of the sidewalk area to the south of the main pavilion a new overlook has been built. Astonishingly enough, this new section has deck boards that are rising up at the edges.

Cooters Pond Park is one of the most beautiful locations in entire state of Alabama and as such should be a major attraction and asset to the city of Prattville. Why would a new overlook be built when other parts of the facility are in dire need of repair? Why has the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers allowed this neglect to occur?

Hopefully someone can answer these questions and make the necessary repairs to the most perilous of these problems before someone gets hurt.

Article by Marc Parker

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