Downtown Prattville eatery closes

MarChelle's Bistro & Bakery in downtown Prattville - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – MarChelle’s Bistro & Bakery served its final meal in its current location on Saturday, January 30, according to owner Mark Taylor, who cited a number of reasons why his restaurant will be moving to another site.

“I had some difficulties with my landlord, the foot traffic at night was not what we had wanted it to be, and of course there’s the economy,” said Taylor. “I’m in the business of making money and it wouldn’t be very long before I would have been losing money down there, so before we got to that point we just decided to close shop.”

Taylor is looking both in Montgomery and in Prattville for a new place of operation.

Closing sign on front door of MarChelle's - Photo by Marc Parker

“We are looking at the Alley area in downtown Montgomery and there is another location in Prattville that we might consider,” he said. “You know, I could go someplace with brand new construction, new concrete floors and sheetrock walls … but for my personality, I like the old downtown areas.”

“I spent nine months renovating that space (in downtown Prattville) and I have a lot of blood, sweat, and tears there, so I’m walking away from a lot down there,” continued Taylor.

MarChelle’s has been in its present locale for three years. Before that it was strictly a bakery and began as an off-premise catering company for nine years.

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Article by Melissa Parker

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