Fourteen year old qualifies for Navistar

Alexis Thompson - Photo by Marc Parker
Alexis Thompson - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – At 14, Alexis Thompson became the youngest player in the field of 145 by qualifying today for one of the two remaining spots in the Navistar LPGA Tournament, which will be held in Prattville October 1-4.

She has not always been interested in golf, though. Thompson said as a small child that she was not very good at the sport and her interests lay more in soccer and basketball.

However, her two brothers not only moved Thompson towards the game of golf, they also gave her some healthy competition along the way.

“There are some sibling rivalry, and only sometimes does it turn ugly,” Thompson laughingly admits.

The young golfer lives with brother Curtis, 16 (a member of the Florida Junior Tour), and her family in Coral Springs, Florida. Her brother Nick, 26, also a professional golfer, lives only about 200 yards away from the family home. Curtis aspires to become pro one day.

When Thompson is not playing in tournaments, she loves to just hang out with friends and family in between training for the sport.

“I practice on the golf course about 6-7 hours a day,” said Thompson. “I have a new trainer now and so I also work out at the house every other day.”

Thompson is homeschooled and will be until she graduates in 2013. She missed the cut in the US Women’s Open in 2007 and 2008, but she came in 34th this year.

Article by Melissa Parker

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