Millbrook Food Outlet is succeeding in a down economy

Food Outlet in Millbrook - Photo by Marc Parker
Food Outlet in Millbrook - Photo by Marc Parker

Millbrook, AL – Food Outlet, located at 3543 Highway 14 in Millbrook, opened on October 1 and has been going strong ever since.

Despite the current state of the economy and while other grocers are struggling, Food Outlet has drawn large throngs of customers due to the savings that are found on numerous food items. In fact, it replaced a Food World store, which was a part of the Bruno’s chain that sold to Southern Family Markets. The chain was a victim of financial difficulties and a weakened economy.

Greg Chandler, manager of Food Outlet, said the word from customers is that they are very pleased with the store which has been so successful in the Millbrook location that new registers are being added to ease the congested checkout lines.

“We have added another register to the service desk and we’re in the process of adding two more in the next three weeks,” Chandler said. “That’ll give us a total of ten, which is up from the seven we had when we opened.”

The manager also stated that shoppers are coming from as far as fifty miles away from the city to shop in his store and that many customers were pleased with the meats, in particular, regarding both the quality and the low prices.

The store utilizes a “cost plus 10%” setup which means that store items are sold at cost and ten percent is added to the total amount at the checkout. Most people understand the format according to Chandler.

“I’d say about 95% understand the concept,” Chandler continued. “There are a few people who don’t, but we’re taking the time to explain it to them and overall, the comments have been very positive about the store … comments about how low the prices are.”

There are currently no plans to move another Food Outlet into the area.

“Maybe down the road they could open another one, I don’t know, as they haven’t shared those plans with me,” said Chandler. “But, our goal right now is to have this one operate at the standards we want and to build an organization.”

Food Outlet is open seven days a week from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Article by Marc Parker

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  1. I am enjoying the great savings in Food Outlet! My nephew, Bradley, works there, and he alerted me to the savings I could receive by shopping at FO. For this, I am so thankful.

    During my most recent trip, I experienced dizziness, and shortness of breathe. I believe it was this extreme heat we have been dealing with. Anyway, I approached him and told him my situation. He got me a chair, helped me with my Gatorade, escorted me to the check out, and pushed my groceries to the van where he unloaded them into my cargo area. He didn’t leave me until he made sure I was okay. He even tried to contact my nephew, who was at lunch. Caleb was his name, and I am so thankful that he gave me the assistance I needed during that harrowing moment.

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