Montgomery serious crimes decrease by 11.5 percent in 2009

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Montgomery, AL – The 2009 Part 1 Crime Statistics are out for the capital city, and those crimes decreased overall by 11.5% over 2008, according to Chief A.D. Baylor, Montgomery Police Department:

Criminal Homicide – 23 (1/1/2008-12/31/2008), 31 (1/1/2009-12/31/2009);
Felony sex cases – 50 (1/1/2008-12/31/2008), 86 (1/1/2009-12/31/2009);
Robbery – 468 (1/1/2008-12/31/2008), 453 (1/1/2009-12/31/2009);
Assault – 204 (1/1/2008-12/31/2008), 179 (1/1/2009-12/31/2009);
Burglary (includes Theft) – 3,516 (1/1/2008-12/31/2008), 3,095 (1/1/2009-12/31/2009);
Larceny – Theft (except auto) – 5,500 (1/1/2008-12/31/2008), 4,722 (1/1/2009-12/31/2009);
From Vehicle – 2,946 (1/1/2008-12/31/2008), 2,621 (1/1/2009-12/31/2009);
Auto Theft – 891 (1/1/2008-12/31/2008), 849 (1/1/2009-12/31/2009)

Baylor said that last year was the first double-digit decrease in serious crimes for several years and that there were many crime-fighting initiatives created that significantly contributed to the downturn.

Those actions include establishing the River District Precinct to further ensure public safety in the growing downtown area, opening a new substation at 2190 E. South Boulevard, and implementing crime fighting tools such as ShotSpotter, “Operation Take Back Our Neighborhood,” and a Business Watch Program.

Baylor added that in 2009 there was a 35% decrease in traffic fatalities in the city, perhaps resulting from operations such as driver license checkpoints, saturation patrols on major thoroughfares, and red light camera enforcement.

The Chief wished to thank Mayor Todd Strange, the employees of the Montgomery Police Department, the Volunteer in Police Services Program, and the citizens for a combined contribution to public safety in the city for 2009.

Article by Melissa Parker

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