Navistar LPGA in Prattville: Interview with Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie in the Media Interview Room - Photo by Marc Parker
Michelle Wie in the Media Interview Room - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – At age 10, Michelle Wie became the youngest player to qualify for USGA amateur championship.

Wie became the second LPGA Tour rookie to qualify for The Solheim Cup, as a captain’s pick, after only one season in which to earn points. She was the youngest member of the team at the age of 19 and led the team with a 3-0-1 record. Wie is ranked on the 2009 LPGA Official Money List.

At almost 20 years old now, this is her first time playing in a Navistar LPGA tournament.

“I’m very excited,” Wie said. “I had a good two weeks off and a good week of school last week. I’m excited to play again. I felt like I practiced a lot last week and it will be fun to put that into action.”

This is also Wie’s first time in Alabama and commented during an interview today about how she liked the state.

“I love the food and the music,” said Wie. “Every other station plays country, so that’s great.”

Wie compared this course to other courses she has played.

“There are a lot of bunkers, lot of mounds here. It presents an interesting golf course. It’s different – a good placement golf course. You have to place the ball in the right places and the greens are very large. Trying to narrow it down to greens and pin positions.”

Wie’s tournament goals are probably similar to her peers in the golf world.

“My number one goal is definitely to win, but that’s a goal I can’t really control as much,” said Wie. “More of a personal goal is what I’ve tried to accomplish all year. Try my hardest and play my hardest and end the week, knowing I’ve done that.”

Wie is going to school now, but is unsure about which will be her toughest class.

“I don’t know. I’ve only had one week of school. I’m taking a lot of communications classes and a statistics class.”

Asked what she thought about the city of Prattville, she replied, “The people have been welcoming and it’s a great little town.”

Article by Melissa Parker

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11 thoughts on “Navistar LPGA in Prattville: Interview with Michelle Wie”

    1. Totally agreed!
      Can’t stand Wie.
      Why don’t they promote some of the other LPGA players as much as they hype Wie?

  1. What the article doesn’t mention is that Michelle “Bu88les” Wie has never won a LPGA tournament, never!
    Compare this with another rookie, Ji-Yai Shin, who already won three LPGA tournaments in 2009 and who is currently the leader on the money list, and in the Rolex rookie of the year and (!) player of the year categories.
    Sadly, Ji-Yai Shin withdrew from the Navistar LPGA Classic due to illness.

  2. In another 15 years, she’ll probably go into the LPGA Hall of Fame as “The Greatest Woman Golfer Who Never Won a Tournament”.

    It must be frustrating for the women who actually win the tournaments to read the headlines the next day: “Wie Finishes 26th — Someone else wins”.

  3. Nice article.
    I am sure that she will do well.
    I hope that she wins.
    But, regardless, she seems to be a genuine person with her priorities in order.
    I’m sure that she’ll do well in “the game of life.”

  4. for crying out loud people, stuff your negativity back into your brains where it should stay. Wie is 19 and she will have plenty of time to prove herself before and after she graduates from one of the best schools in the country. Juggling professional golf and attending stanford is something no other sports personality is attempting. The message of her life is a great message for kids–education comes first but continue to pursue what you love, your calling. There are millions of positive people who would not waste our time, our lives dwelling in negativity and mean spirited attacks. Sports is not all about winning, it more about the struggle to win, the challenge of doing your best, and most important its about enjoying yourself. You losers who complain about why wie didnt win anything yet just don’t get it.

      1. Michelle Wie is 20 years of age. At the time this article was written she was 19. She won the Canadian Women’s Open on August 29, 2010, nearly a year after this article was published (September 29, 2009); therefore, the article is correct as stated.

        – Publisher

  5. Sorry Jack — the press treats her like she’s a female Tiger Woods, and she ain’t.

    And the “juggling” act (for this year) didn’t start until last week.

    I guess you’re missing the whole point. She hasn’t proven herself but she’s treated like she has. In at least one match this year another rookie golfer, who actually won the tournament, essentially walked alone, while the crowds followed Michelle Wie, who was somewhere around 20th place at the time.

    Some people act like her father is some kind of an idiot for the way he handled Michelle’s career. (Going against the men, etc.). I personally think he’s a genius. She’s either the highest paid woman athlete, or close to it (counting endorsements) and she hasn’t even won a tournament yet.

    I’d call that shrewd. But you can understand why it would cause resentment, can’t you?

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