Pratt Plaza Mall in sad state

Standing water behind J & G Flea Market & Antique - Photo by Marc Parker
Standing water behind J & G Flea Market & Antique - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – Pratt Plaza Mall, once the crown jewel of shopping centers in Prattville has become an eyesore. Though a brand new CVS Drugs is being built on the plot that once held the twin theaters, ownership has allowed the center itself to fall into a state of disrepair.

On Saturday afternoon Our Prattville surveyed the mall area and found standing water filling the loading dock area behind J & G Flea Market & Antique. The entire rear portion of the mall is pocked with huge potholes and heaving sections of asphalt. Dangling wires were present in one section.

A door with no knob or lock and most of its outer frame missing was another example of the state of neglect this center has fallen into.

Graffiti covers the walls in several spots. Some of which includes obvious profanities. The most glaring of these is on the front right side where a building is boarded up and the “F” word is clearly visible. The store next door is fitted with bars on the door and windows. It appears more like a jail than a shop.

The apparent lack of concern by the Pratt Plaza ownership is disturbing. Prattville deserves better than this. Now is the time to correct this situation and restore some of the luster this property once held.

Article by Marc Parker

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