Prattville-Autauga Humane Society wants to be included in Project Prattville

Joel Duke, City Planner, explaining Project Prattville map - Photo by Marc Parker
Joel Duke, City Planner, explaining Project Prattville map - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – The Prattville-Autauga Humane Society Board is concerned about the Prattville-Autauga County Humane Shelter’s representation in the Project Prattville master plan.

On Tuesday night in City Council chambers, the Prattville Planning Commission held a public hearing on he Project Prattville draft comprehensive master plan (a process initiated by the City of Prattville to completely update the city’s comprehensive development plan). The hearing is required by law to entertain public comments and input about the plan.

Joel Duke, City Planner, discussed a concern made by the Prattville-Autauga County Humane Shelter.

“As the county and city continue to grow, there continues to be a struggle to handle the animal population,” Duke said. “They just want to make sure they have a place at the table and I understand that … and we’ll do what we can to accommodate that.”

Prattville-Autauga Humane Society Board Vice-President Alice Floyd, stated that she wanted to make sure that the animals were not left out of the planning.

“As the human population grows, so does the animal population, and that affects each of us,” said Floyd when contacted for comment after the proceeding.

Floyd also said that the Board is comprised of volunteers who work full-time jobs and therefore do not have the opportunity to attend meetings such as this one concerning Project Prattville.

“I sent an email to Joel to let him know that we want to be included during the time of public comment,” Floyd said. “Hopefully someone will be there in the future to represent the Humane Society.”

There will be another regular meeting of the Planning Commission on Thursday of next week. This will primarily serve as a set up for their agenda on January 21. At that time, they will adopt the plan, make a formal presentation to the City Council and ask them to adopt it.

State Law does not require the City Council’s adoption, according to Duke.

“This is the way that Prattville has done it in the past and we’ll probably continue to do so,” he said. “We’ve had nothing but good support from the mayor and the City Council throughout this whole process.”

Article by Marc Parker

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