Prattville citizens involved in planning Sportsplex

Proposed project now more than a vision

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Mayor Jim Byard Jr. and the members of the Prattville City Council - Photo by Marc Parker

Mayor Jim Byard Jr. and the members of the Prattville City Council - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – The vision for a multi-purpose civic and sports complex in Prattville moved one step closer to reality at last night’s City Council meeting.

Brian Landry, head of the steering committee for the proposed Prattville Civic & Sportsplex project, advised the Council members of the latest work that has been done on the project since the last update given to them several months prior.

“Estimating from the April time-frame until present very conservatively, a minimum of 400 man hours have been devoted toward the project of building a regionally recognized sportsplex in Prattville,” said Landry. “We all have jobs and sometimes work takes us away from this effort, but over 50 of your local citizens have participated in this work.”

“We have formed five sub-committees; an Activities committee, a PR and Marketing committee, Financial and Fund Raising, Infrastructure, and Legal Advisor.”

Landry displayed a chart to the meeting that described in detail the different features that may be contained within the Prattville Civic & Sportsplex; a baseball and softball complex, a 10,000-25,000 seat stadium, a tennis complex, a recreation and wellness senior center, a civic plaza, lake amenities, and a performing arts center to name a few.

Proposed Sportsplex graphic display - Photo by Marc Parker

Proposed Sportsplex graphic display - Photo by Marc Parker

“The graphic was created with a vision,” said Landry. “Just to refresh your memories briefly, the steering committee’s vision for this was that we had a society serving the needs of its citizens by facilitating personal growth and community cohesion.”

“We’re going to do this through the mission of building a regionally recognized sports complex and community center capable of hosting large-scale competitive events.”

Landry further stated that the planning was now at a financial crossroads and that he and the steering committee would be awaiting further input from the Council members.

Article by Melissa Parker

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1 Response for “Prattville citizens involved in planning Sportsplex”

  1. Anita Kasten says:

    I’m in favor of the new complex for the children to play in. But not in favor of the Senior Center being moved. As we have some people that can walk to the center now and also to the Doster Center. If everything moves to the country then this is not fair to us seniors. As we are all getting older and won’t be able to drive that far. The center has done some changes to the restrooms that are very nice. Could also use some expansion as some days we have a full house and could use a little more room.
    Thanks for my view on this,as I can’t make it to the meeting tonight.
    Senior Citizen,
    Anita Kasten

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