Prattville City Council approves extension of 2010 Plan

Prattville Council President Dean Argo - Photo by Marc Parker
Prattville Council President Dean Argo - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – The proposed resolution to extend Prattville’s 2010 Plan to 2014 was adopted by unanimous vote at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, in order to maintain City police protection at Prattville High School and to extend sanitation services to people living in the annexed areas of District 3.

The 2010 Plan was a joint agreement made about eight years ago regarding more than 30 miles of property located inside the police jurisdiction around the fringes of the city.

With several Board of Education members in attendance, Council President Dean Argo explained that extending the 2010 plan does not preclude the city from implementing any of the services that it currently is withholding or is not providing to the annexed areas.

“All of this is just merely a document and agreement between the County and the City, and in many ways with the Board of Education, that certain services will continue regardless of who is providing them,” Argo said.

The extension allows Prattville police officers to continue to patrol the area of the school rather than overburden the Autauga County Sheriff’s Department with the task.

Article by Marc Parker

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