Prattville City Council won’t appeal judge’s ruling

Dr. George F. Seier standing at the podium at the Council meeting - Photo by Marc Parker
Dr. George F. Seier standing at the podium at the Council meeting - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – Dr. George F. Seier, D.V.M., came before the Prattville City Council on Tuesday night to ask that the Council vote to file for an appeal against a ruling made to allow Club BTS to have a lounge liquor license.

Seier is a veterinarian at the Cobbs Ford Pet Health Center, which is near the club. He faced the Council, asking them to “stand tall” and “do the right thing,” voicing concerns for the safety of his employees and clients.

“You are in charge of what is best for our city,” Seier asserted. “Send a message that we will be in control of our city. I don’t want this man not to be able to make a living, just that he does it someplace else in Prattville.”

Hiro Koda, owner of Club BTS, requested the license back in August and the Council denied it by a vote of 2-5. Subsequently, he filed a lawsuit against the City of Prattville and a reversal of that decision was granted on September 23.

During the Council meeting, Councilman Ray Boles introduced a motion to appeal Autauga County Circuit Court Judge John Bush’s ruling that the Council acted improperly when turning down a request for the license. The motion failed due to the fact that there was no second motion.

After the Council meeting, Boles was asked why he made the motion.

“I had two businessmen ask me to bring the appeal to the floor,” Boles said. “As a business owner, I’m going to go the way of the business every time.”

Sharing his personal opinion on the matter, Boles felt that the club did not meet the standards families had set for the community.

“I don’t believe it’s a good thing for the city because we are the preferred community,” Boles continued. “We advertise for people to live here because of our kids, because of the schools, being a family community, and that really is not a part of our concept.”

Club BTS is located on Cobbs Ford Road at the former site of Cobbs Ford Road Bar and Grill.

Article by Melissa Parker

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3 thoughts on “Prattville City Council won’t appeal judge’s ruling”

  1. Every time this story is rehashed in the news, it’s just more publicity for the guy. Let it go, and Club BTS will suffer the same fate as the Tequila Grill, and Cobbs Ford Road Bar and Grill.

  2. Was in BTS Saturday night…it will suffer the same fate if there are not more than a dozen people on a weekend night.

  3. Was there this last weekend and it was great. Just enough of a crowd to be fun but not so many as to be uncomfortable. Food and drinks were good too!

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