Prattville man dies in Montgomery incident

Insert: Damien Michael Postma of Prattville; truck of possible witness - Photo courtesy of Major Huey Thornton, MPD

Montgomery, AL – According to Major Huey Thornton, spokesman for the Montgomery Police Department, at approximately 4:17 AM on Thursday, January 7, a death occurred involving a white semi truck with a flatbed trailer and a pedestrian in the parking lot of Speedy C, located at 1175 W. South Blvd. in Montgomery. The pedestrian, pronounced deceased at the scene has been identified as Damien Michael Postma, 30 years old, of Prattville.

Possible witness in January 7 incident - Photo courtesy of Major Huey Thornton, MPD

Thornton said an unknown white male was driving the semi truck and it is not known at this time if this driver knew that the incident had occurred. He stated that the truck was stopped in the parking lot of the Speedy C and had apparently been there for several hours, possibly overnight.

Postma had been in the area either attempting to hitchhike or panhandle for money, Thornton stated.

According to a witness, Postma approached the truck driver in the parking lot and had a brief conversation with him, then walked around the front of the truck and toward the rear of the truck.

According to Thornton, for some unknown reason, Postma climbed under the truck near the rear tandems at the same time the truck began to exit the parking lot. He said the Prattville man then fell off of the truck and was run over by the rear tandems of the flatbed trailer on the truck in the parking lot. The truck continued out onto W. South Blvd. eastbound, not realizing that the incident had occurred, Thornton further stated.

Possible witness in January 7 incident - Photo courtesy of Major Huey Thornton, MPD

At this time, the Montgomery Police Department is attempting to locate witnesses to this incident. Photos of two subjects who may have witnessed the incident are included in this article.

Anyone with information on the potential witnesses or the collision, please contact the Montgomery Police Department at 241-2077, 241-2651, or Secret Witness at 262-4000.

Article by Melissa Parker

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