Rebecca St. James in concert Friday night at First Baptist Church in Prattville

Rebecca St. James concert poster - Photo by Marc Parker
Rebecca St. James concert poster - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – Christian pop singer/songwriter actor and author Rebecca St. James will be appearing in concert at Prattville’s First Baptist Church on Friday, April 23.

The event’s sponsors include Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Larry Puckett, and River Bank & Trust, and money raised will benefit Grace Place Pregnancy Center and Mission: Pre-Born.

The faith-based Grace Center’s Executive Director Cheryl McLain first got the idea to bring St. James to Prattville during a conference in Baltimore last year.

The Grammy Award winner’s movie, Sarah’s Choice, was shown and it was announced that St. James would be making appearances across the country to promote the film and its message.

“The movie centers around a girl in her 20s who finds out she’s pregnant,” said McClain. “People are telling her to get an abortion, she’s not sure if the baby’s father is stable enough to take on the responsibility of a family … she is just torn in many directions.”

There will be a special screening of Sarah’s Choice following the concert. St. James is using this movie as an instrument to share her message of pro-life alternatives instead of abortion.

“I thought the concert and film would be great for Prattville … and First Baptist Church has the largest auditorium,” McLain said.

“She is just a good Christian girl always talking about abstinence.” “Rebecca said she didn’t realize it would take her so long to find a good Christian man or to have one find her,” she continued.

The Grace Center operates strictly on donations, but strive to offer their clients the best services free of charge.

“We work very hard to keep everything going here at the center, offering a community service for thirteen year olds on up to forty-three year old women,” stated McLain.

“We cannot qualify for federal grants because they require that we teach birth control options and we do not do that. We teach abstinence only.”

Mission: Pre-Born aids in starting up centers like Grace, which began in 1991 as part of First Baptist Church.

St. James won a 2000 Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album, and GMA Dove Awards for Special Event Album of the Year in 2002, 2004, and 2006. She penned a book entitled Pure: A 90-Day Devotional for the Mind, Body, and Spirit in 2008 and it was nominated among the Top three books of 2009 for the youth-teen market.

Tickets for the 7:00 Friday night concert are $12.50. If you pay in advance (up until 6:00 PM), bring a friend for free.

First Baptist Church is located at 138 S. Washington Street in Prattville. For more information, call Grace Place Pregnancy Center at (334) 365-8266.

Article by Melissa Parker

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