Sister Schubert credits faith as driving force

Beverly Byard and Sister Schubert at Buena Vista - Photo by Marc Parker
Beverly Byard and Sister Schubert at Buena Vista - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread and that scrumptious aroma could be smelled in every room of the Buena Vista mansion on Friday afternoon.

The Autauga County Heritage Association hosted Patricia Schubert Barnes, founder and vice-president of research and development for Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls, yesterday at the Greek revival-style plantation house.

Schubert, nicknamed Sister at birth by her older sister, entertained the crowd with stories about her “Cinderella” beginnings, and personally autographed copies of her new book, Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters.

This is the second book written by the Troy, Alabama entrepreneur.

“My first one was all about breads and this book is a culmination of five generations of my family’s favorite recipes – everything from appetizers to soups to main courses to my favorite Bloody Mary recipe,” said Schubert. “I got together with all of my family and started coming up with recipes way back from my great grandmother.”

“It also gives the story of how we started the business, so there are recipes for success and in cooking and living in the book … so it’s like three books in one,” continued Schubert.

Sister Schubert signing a copy of her book - Photo by Marc Parker
Sister Schubert signing a copy of her book - Photo by Marc Parker

The famous baker attributes her success to her strong faith in a higher power.

“I knew there was a reason why God placed so much responsibility on me when I knew nothing about what I was doing in the beginning,” Schubert said. “To be able to give back after your dreams come true is just phenomenal.”

“God will direct your path if you ask him to and if you have an open mind and heart to hear His words and do His will in your life, there is always an opportunity,” she continued.

In 1989, Schubert ran a small catering business called The Silver Spoon and began baking her grandmother’s Parker House style rolls for the church bazaar; it started with 20 pans the first year, then 200 pans, and 300 pans in 1991.

“I sat down after that third holiday fair and thought that if the people in Troy like my rolls, maybe other folks will, too – and not just at the holidays … and Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls was born,” she said.

Money raised at the book signing will go to support the Buena Vista House and also to Schubert’s foundation to aid in historic preservation and care for orphaned and abandoned children in Ukraine.

Article by Melissa Parker

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