Update: Cooters Pond Park revisited

Missing fence on edge of bluff repaired

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Repairs made to fence at Cooters Pond Park - Photo by Melissa Parker

Repairs made to fence at Cooters Pond Park - Photo by Melissa Parker

Prattville – On Friday, January 30, Our Prattville reported on deteriorating and dangerous conditions at Cooters Pond Park in Prattville. The fencing that protected park visitors from the steep bluff above the waterline was missing.

Today, we revisited the area to see if any progress had been made in correcting these issues. We saw a few improvements, most notably and importantly the fencing reported on previously has been repaired.

A park trash can that was leaning to one side with the mounting pole askew has been uprighted.

However the fallen tree remains a point of concern as it juts out above the fence line over the picnic area. Many other items are in need of attention and should be repaired.

Cooters Pond Park is maintained by the city of Prattville which leases the land from RSA (Retirement Systems of Alabama) who in turn leases the land from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Article by Marc Parker

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