Winn Dixie gets a new look

Winn Dixie in Prattville - Photo by Marc Parker
Winn Dixie in Prattville - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – Chances are that Prattville shoppers have noticed some huge changes to their local Winn Dixie supermarket over the past few months. Those renovations have culminated into a whole new shopping experience.

According to Prattville Winn Dixie store manager Donny Johnson, the improvements, which began around the first of December, are almost completed.

“Everything is basically done … we’re just doing some odds and ends right at the moment,” he said. “Inside, basically the entire bakery/deli area has been renovated, there is all new flooring, new checkout stands and registers, and we’ve added a lot of organic and natural foods to the shelves.”

“On the outside, a new sign has been put up, they redid the columns, painted the front of the store and the parking lot,” continued Johnson.

A spokesperson for the Winn Dixie Corporation in Jacksonville, Florida stated that sixty stores in the southeast would be renovated this year and that all of the Montgomery-area stores are going through complete remodels.

“This is about a four to six month process, taking some stores longer than others to complete because they are older and need more work,” said the spokesperson. “Each store is customized to the neighborhoods they are serving with a goal to have each one more customer friendly so that the entire shopping experience is enhanced.”

Johnson went on to say that the Prattville store grand opening would be held on April 7 with special activities for customers’ families going on in the store and many sale items available.

Winn Dixie is located on 701 East Main Street in Prattville. Hours of operation are Monday-Sunday 7:00 AM-11:00 PM.

Article by Melissa Parker

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