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As I was googling for the date of the first day of Spring this year, I found out that it was March 20 and I read all about the equinox. What I didn’t know (or didn’t remember) was that March 20 is also when National Agriculture Day is celebrated and the farmers are remembered and applauded for working so hard to bring us those delicious food items to our table every day. I really need to stop blogging about food.

Interesting tidbit before I leave the food subject, though, is the fact that one dairy cow consumes more than 35 gallons of water and 20 pounds of grain and feed in just one day. I applaud the farmers again for that expense and headache. Oh wait, I can’t leave food yet…March 20 is also when Meatout is celebrated. That started as a campaign by the Farm Animal Rights Movement in 1985 and was called the Great American Meatout. I guess the title got shortened.

The vegetarians want folks to try and do without meat for just one day and see if they can survive. I have to admit, there are many yummy choices for vegetables out there, but I cannot say with any kind of certainty that I’m going to do without meat on the Meatout day. That is, of course, unless I give meat up for Lent since March 20 also is the third Friday in Lent.

If you have forgotten, the vernal or spring equinox occurs when the center of the sun crosses the Equator and it officially begins at 7:44 a.m. eastern time on Friday, March 20, 2009.

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  1. I went vegetarian once for about 6 months and was miserable. I was doing it to try and lose a few lbs. and ended up almost losing my mind. I understand why some people choose to go veg but it is not for everyone. I do not like it though when vegetarians and especially vegans try to “convert” people like there is something wrong with us because we eat meat. I have friends who don’t eat meat and when they come over I always have at least two all vegetrian dishes for them but that gesture is never returned when I visit them. Damned pasty faced shrub nibblers.

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