New retail venture opening in Prattville

Dollar Smart - Photo by Marc Parker
Dollar Smart - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – A new discount store, located in the Pratt Plaza Shopping Center, will soon be open for Prattville shoppers.

Dollar Smart, which resembles a Dollar Tree, is owned by Greg and Sonya Agee, and will open on Monday.

“I’d say it is split between a Dollar Tree and a Dollar General,” said Mr. Agee. “About 80% dollar store and 20% general.”

The family-owned shop features home décor items, party favors, hair and beauty, toys, pet merchandise, kitchen supplies, and certain food items such as canned goods, juice, and chips.

This is the Agees’ first foray into the retail business. The Prattville natives once owned a vending machine business and several rental properties.

Agee stated that his faith led him to dive into this competitive market despite the floundering economy.

“To be honest, I just prayed about it,” he said. “The Lord opened up the doors for us to be able to open this store.”

Hours of operation will be Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM-8:00 PM; Sunday noon until 6:00 PM.

Article by Melissa Parker

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