Rainchecks given for KFC meals

Sign on window of Prattville's KFC restaurant - Photo by Melissa Parker
Sign on window of Prattville's KFC restaurant - Photo by Melissa Parker

Montgomery, AL – Earlier this week Oprah Winfrey partnered to give away coupons for a free grilled chicken meal; that’s two pieces of chicken, two sides, and a biscuit, with the exemption date of May 19. The reason was twofold: KFC wanted consumers to get a taste of their latest product and Oprah just simply wanted to give Americans a free meal. She had probably noticed that the economy is still in the toilet. But, all good things come to an end…and some quicker than others, I might add.

The signs hanging on the windows and doors of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants on Thursday say they will no longer be able to redeem the free coupons for a grilled meal because of overwhelming response. If you have a coupon, however, you will be issued a rain check, but only if you give them your address.

Roger Eaton, president of KFC in the United States, said that restaurants would no longer accept the free coupons for its new grilled chicken meal after Oprah’s talk show promotion caused long lines around the nation. Montgomery, Alabama’s Eastern Bypass store was no exception, as the driveup lane was filled to capacity and there was standing room only inside of the restaurant on Wednesday evening.

One can only hope they have staggered the redemption dates of the tickets to prevent the hungry masses from rushing to their local eatery at the same time with rainchecks in hand.

Article by Melissa Parker

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3 thoughts on “Rainchecks given for KFC meals”

  1. Many state laws consider coupons to be binding contracts with consumers. The idea of having to mail-in these coupons for a rain check voucher that consumers have no guarantee of being accepted by the stores should be investigated by the various state's attorney generals for fraud on the part of KFC. There are terms and conditions listed on every coupon. If I as a consumer violate these terms, then I can be arrested. Why shouldn't the execs at KFC get arrested for perpetrated this fraud on American consumers?

  2. Chuck get of your high horse….just be happy if you got a free meal. If you didn't then too bad. No one should have to give anything to anyone for free. They have the right to cancel the coupon at anytime. This comment was so idiotic. Thank you KFC, food is delicious!

  3. KFC must be trying to compete with the delicious McRib sandwich from McDonald's; it's hard to resist those yummy painted-on grill-lines…

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