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An Our Prattville Exclusive Interview: Best-selling author Anne Rice on her new book Angel Time

An <em>Our Prattville</em> Exclusive Interview: Best-selling author Anne Rice on her new book <em>Angel Time</em>

One of America’s most read and celebrated authors, Anne Rice, began life on October 4, 1941 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the city later became a location for many of her stories. Rice weaves the visible and supernatural worlds together in epic tales that both entertain and challenge readers. She is best known for The […]

Andy Andrews: The Our Prattville Interview

Andy Andrews: The <em>Our Prattville</em> Interview

Andy Andrews, an American motivational author, grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. When both of his parents died when Andy was nineteen years old, he found himself homeless and living on the gulf coast of Alabama. He began to search for the answer to the question – are there choices one can make to direct his […]

Review – Dogs: Funny Side Up by Nola Kelsey

Review – <em>Dogs: Funny Side Up</em> by Nola Kelsey

Blending personal accounts of her work around the world as a dog rescuer with candid, humorous tales of her canine gang at home, Nola Kelsey’s Dogs: Funny Side Up is undeniably funny and equally insightful. Kelsey’s humor leads this pack of personal stories, ranging from her work in Thailand where dogs seek refuge in ancient […]

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