Eastbrook Cafe – Review

Eastbrook Cafe in Montgomery - Photo by Melissa Parker
Eastbrook Cafe in Montgomery - Photo by Melissa Parker

Montgomery, AL – Yummy, it’s the best fried chicken in town, the best fried chicken in the state, the best fried chicken on the planet! Those are words that thousands of eaters have uttered ever since the famous chicken recipe began at The Cottage restaurant in Montgomery. When The Cottage closed, Pinson’s opened, then Pinson’s evolved into the Eastbrook Café.

That remarkable chicken formula never changed, though, and that was something you could always count on. Well, up until now, that is. The restaurant, located on 520 Coliseum Boulevard, has recently changed ownership, and nothing but the name has remained the same.

I ordered the meat and three (price increase to $8.49) and what I thought to be my favorite mouth-watering fried chicken breast, but my taste buds just wilted away on the soggy outside layer that was supposed to pass for a crust of some kind. My creamed corn consisted of canned buttered kernel corn and the baked potato was cold even though it was supposedly cooked at the very beginning of the daily lunch hour.

The other meal to discuss here is the fried shrimp basket. I imagine hundreds or even thousands of people remember the huge butterfly shrimp cooked in that delectable batter and seasoned to perfection. The sides were golden-fried crinkle-cut French fries, slaw, and rolls. About six almost popcorn-size shrimp and somewhere around a dozen straight-cut French fries will be found in your shrimp basket now with a price increase to $7.50, and without cole slaw or bread of any kind.

When asked why I would desire a refund for this meal, I replied that it tasted pretty bad and none of the old recipes were used. There was barely a comment to my “pretty bad” description and no reply whatsoever as to why the old recipes were not used. So, if you’re looking for deliciously juicy golden fried chicken, stay far away from the Eastbrook Cafe and head on to Popeye’s instead. I give the new and more expensive Eastbrook Café one pulley bone out of five.

Eastbrook Cafe is located at 520 Coliseum Blvd., Montgomery, Alabama.

Article by Melissa Parker

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  1. Glad you're posting an honest review, even though it isn't flattering to the restaurant!

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