Review – Dogs: Funny Side Up by Nola Kelsey

Author Nora Kelsey and friend - File photo
Author Nora Kelsey and friend - File photo

Blending personal accounts of her work around the world as a dog rescuer with candid, humorous tales of her canine gang at home, Nola Kelsey’s Dogs: Funny Side Up is undeniably funny and equally insightful.

Kelsey’s humor leads this pack of personal stories, ranging from her work in Thailand where dogs seek refuge in ancient temples to her uproariously candid diaries of her own four-legged pets. Though her infectious humor is woven throughout the book, Kelsey’s laugh-inducing chapters “Flipper’s Guide to the Hollydaze,” a riotously funny view of holidays from a dog’s point of view, and “How to Choose the Wrong Pet Sitter,” are definite high points.

The author also takes aim at more ominous issues involving dogs and animals in general, boldly challenging those who “horde” animals, dog-fighters, and those who run puppy mills. Each chapter in the book is also accompanied by informative facts and trivia about animals.

Kelsey’s noted background underscores her credibility and passion for the work she describes in the book. She has worked as a zookeeper and wildlife keeper as well as an animal researcher. She is also the author of Bitch Unleashed: The Harsh Realities of Going Country and the children’s book, Let’s Go Visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

A truly endearing facet of Dogs… is the author’s unbridled honesty and candor. She pulls no punches when offering her thoughts on individuals who would in any way mistreat pets. Her comments on Michael Vick alone reinforce the sentiment that she isn’t one to trifle with. But though she pulls no punches, every fiber of the book is deftly delivered via humor, so even when she addresses difficult subject matter, the reader is never overwhelmed emotionally by sobering topics.

Dog owners and animal lovers in general will adore this book, and due to its healthy volume of universal humor even those who do not have pets will thoroughly enjoy it too.

To learn more about Nola Kelsey, read her blog and to order Dogs: Funny Side Up, visit her official website: Dogs: Funny Side Up is published by Dogs Eye View Press; $14; paperback; 268 pages.

Article by Joseph O. Patton

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