Holly tree is only one species found at park

Cooters Pond Park is a favorite among nature lovers

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A cluster of berries nestled among the leaves on a holly tree - Photo by Melissa Parker

A cluster of berries nestled among the leaves on a holly tree - Photo by Melissa Parker

Prattville – Ilex Opaca or American Holly is a popular greenery used for decoration during the Christmas season and the tree can be found at Cooters Pond Park in Prattville. You can see it near the pavilion at the overlook area of the park. Right now the berries are ripe and are a beautiful red color. Some are found in clusters and some are more scattered among the green leaves of the tree.

Also found in that same area of the park is the See, Pick and Eat Nut Grove which was planted by the Prattville Tree Commission so that people could learn about the various types of nut-producing trees and to actually experience the tastes of the different kinds of nuts.

In addition to the different species of trees, the park also attracts visitors who love fishing, camping, and boating. The site is also host for numerous bass tournaments, as both Largemouth and the Alabama Spotted Bass are the primary targets there.

Cooters Pond Park is located on the banks of the Alabama River and from the scenic overlook there one can view the skyline of Montgomery in the distance, with the RSA Towers building situated near the center.

Article by Melissa Parker

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