Pastor preaches to busy intersection

Pastor Michael Matheny and two of his parishioners from Autauga Heights Baptist Church - Photo by Marc Parker
Pastor Michael Matheny and two of his parishioners from Autauga Heights Baptist Church - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle and sounds of the cars whizzing by, one could hear a man preaching to the masses; that is, if you were within hearing distance Saturday at the corner of Main and Memorial in front of Walgreen’s.

Pastor Michael Matheny and four of his parishioners from Autauga Heights Baptist Church were there holding signs designed to emphasize their beliefs. On one sign Acts 16:31 was quoted, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.”

Raising his bible in the air, Pastor Matheny echoed his church’s beliefs, telling all who would listen just what was necessary to get into heaven. Falling short of those goals would land you in the darkest pits of hell. The official church pamphlet indicates that the first step for admission into heaven is to “Admit you are a sinner.”

After asking if I had been saved, Pastor Matheny revealed that he had been in prison for eight years, but that while incarcerated he found salvation. He told me that their small group met once a week in different locations throughout Prattville and that he welcomed everyone to visit the church. Autauga Heights is a small but growing church, located on Highway 31 North, just past Kohn’s Western Mall on the left. Morning services on Sundays begin at 11:00 a.m.

Publishers Note: On 01/21/09 Our Prattville received an email correspondence from Pastor Michael Matheny indicating that he had recanted his original statements he made to us about serving 8 years in prison and subsequently finding the Lord there. Below is his entire email message:

“This is pastor Michael Matheny (Autauga Heights Baptist Church) and you need to remove the statement about me being in prison for 8 years. That is not a true statement. Please remove that from your web site. I never said that and also I never told you I found the Lord in prison. I got saved in a small apartment in Pensacola Fl in 1982. You really should have people proof read your material before posting it on the web.

Thank you,
Michael Matheny”

Article by Melissa Parker

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