Navistar golfers hit the links for practice

Golfer practicing her putts for the upcoming tournament - Photo by Marc Parker
Golfer practicing her putts for the upcoming tournament - Photo by Marc Parker

Prattville – Day one of practice for the Navistar included the opening of the Media Center at 1:00 PM and golfers getting acclimated to the courses by practicing their shots. Volunteers were on hand providing transportation to and from parking lots and facilities.

Media, including Our Prattville, received credentials for the event and spoke with Bill Lang, Public Relations Director, RTJ Golf Trail and Resort Collection, Navistar LPGA Classic. Lang stated that the preparations for the tournament were going well.

“Absolutely everything is on schedule,” said Lang. “We’ve been working for months and months on it and the rain last week actually helped the courses. They are probably in the best condition they have been in for the three years of the tournaments here.”

Lang also described some of the upcoming events that would occur during the week.

“The golfers are practicing today and tomorrow and there is the Pro-Am on Wednesday … oh, beware Prattville, Charles Barkley will be here,” Lang said, laughing.” “We’ll see if his golf game has improved.”

Navistar LPGA Media Center - Photo by Marc Parker
Navistar LPGA Media Center - Photo by Marc Parker

“The actual tournament begins on Thursday, so on Thursday and Friday, there will be 145 players. At the end of Friday, the top 70 (including ties) will go into the weekend rounds,” continued Lang.

The predicted weather for the tournament is dry, fall-like temperatures, and lower humidity. This is exciting news for the players and everyone involved with the outside activities of Navistar, as well as for the citizens of Prattville who will be watching the play from the galleys.

“I think everybody’s having a great time with the cooler weather,” Lang said. “Someone handed me a sweater for later in the week and I thought they were kidding, but I hope I get to wear it.”

“The Navistar people are really pleased how everything has shaped up here. They really see what the people in Prattville do to pull this off … they are happy and the players are happy, too.”

Article by Melissa Parker

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