Twazzup? A great new Twitter tool, that’s what’s up

Twazzup - Photo by Marc Parker
Twazzup - Photo by Marc Parker

Twitter is the 140 character text-based micro-blogging service that has taken the world by storm. Yes, it seems everyone is tweeting these days.

So how can we use Twitter to our best advantage? Well, You could use the built in search feature of Twitter though it’s very plain vanilla. Or, you could use Twazzup, the new Twitter search tool that attempts to bridge the gap between a more traditional search solution and Twitter’s own real-time search.

Our Twazzup journey begins at To get the ball rolling you have a choice of clicking on one of the hot topic tags or entering your own string in the search box below. Once either one of these tasks are initiated you are taken to the main Twazzup interface.

Twazzup’s console is divided into three main sections. At the top are the main components necessary for utilizing the search functionality of the service. The search box gives us the option to use English or any language. Just below this are a few other features, including “My Searches,” “Hot Topics,” and “Featured.”

On the left hand side are a list of tags and “Real-time tweets” and on the right hand side is “Featured Tweets,” “Top Trendmakers,” “Related Photos,” and “Most Popular Links” all of which are related to your search criteria.

The scrolling real-time tweets move at a pace dictated by the amount of conversation surrounding the keyword search. You can pause this flow by clicking the pause button.

The “Top Trendmakers” are a list of people whose tweets began the trend your keyword search is creating. The most popular of these are shown in real-time and change depending upon what is being tweeted.

Photos that are related to your keyword search appear in the stream under “Related Photos.” Videos are also in real-time and can be played inside the interface as pop-up content.

The “Most Popular Links” is a list of tweeted links. Getting your link on this list is a sure fire way of exposing it to many Twitter users.

Possibly the best feature of all is listed in the “Featured” area up top. Clicking on the music note will incorporate it into the search string. What this brings to the table is the capability of adding a music component to any search. You can use the music note by itself to see what other users are listening to on or use it along with other keywords to narrow it down to one artist. Once the results are listed you can then click on the song link to listen along on

On the right hand side just below the top section is a list of tags related to the search criteria. Clicking on any of the related tags will narrow the scope of your search down even further. If more than one tag is presented you can repeat the process to continue to restrict your search.

Twazzup is a great tool that changes the way you use Twitter and adds much needed functionality to the service. Once you start using Twazzup you may never look at Twitter quite the same way again.

Article by Marc Parker

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